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While the wedding and portrait photography industry becomes flooded with still photographers, the high-end market for video remains virtually untapped. Gary Fong, along with filmmaker Justin MacGregor, discuss how easy and inexpensive it is to create Hollywood quality cinematography with today’s Sony cameras.

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Hi, this is Gary Fong, and I invite you to my new premium video course: Unleash The Power of Cinematography. In this first installment of our new Sony mirrorless Cinema Series, learn how to create Hollywood quality cinematography with your camera’s video functions, plus how to merchandise cinema for far greater profits. Wedding and portrait photography is flooded with still photographers. The world is rapidly changing toward video keepsakes and the high-end market is wide open. As a long-term visionary of photography trends, I have a track record of predicting industry shifts long before they become a mainstream. I invite you to join me in a discussion with my full-time cinematographer, and

independent filmmaker, Justin MacGregor, who produced a full-length feature film and a Sony Records music video using just one camera. Together we’ll dive in depth to discuss how easy it is to create Hollywood caliber cinematography with your camera.

Join in the conversation and you’ll see why the pros are embracing motion, as both a viable extension of their business and a welcome addition to their personal creativity, and you’ll see why I’ve chosen cinema over still photography to document my own family. Using detailed demonstrations and tutorials we will show you how to harness the video

capabilities of your Sony Mirrorless Camera and produced breathtaking results. Learn how to film in 4K cinema, stabilize your footage, produce ultra slow motion video, edit in Adobe Premiere Pro, and much, much more.

We’ll also show you how to capture still images from your footage to create beautiful photo albums from your

cinematography. This three hour premium course is a cinema starter guide that will teach you how easy to create stunning films with your camera, and unleash the power of your creativity.