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The Sony a6100 Online Course.

Including our sidebar navigational tool and printable PDF tool with alphabetical list guide!


Unleash The Power Of Sony a6100

The a6100 is a tremendous value.

It’s basically an a6400 slightly stripped down. Same sensor, same amazing Autofocus technology borrowed from the a9 with a class-leading 50x per second focus acquisition rate and 11 frames per second in shooting. Among the biggest differences are the lack of Picture Profile for video, a slightly lower resolution screen, and a polycarbonate body vs. Magnesium Alloy.

With an autofocus that evaluates at fifty times a second, you get ai-tracking eye AF in continuous focus and drive modes for both humans – and animals. It has a fully articulating screen that flips up for bloggers, offering facial recognition touch-tracking. But did you know that the AI TRACKING eye autofocus function does not work until you activate THREE setting conditions, and all three must be on before you can use AI-TRACKING EYE AF?

And with nearly two hundred menu items, it’s hard to tell which ones are important.

For example – which setting is most important for camera functionality? Movie file setting, or circulation of focus point? The answer is – neither!
So I dive deep into all of the menu settings, again, nearly 200 in total. This course is nearly five hours long – but with our new side-index navigation tool, you get instant access to the topic you’re looking for – no more scrolling!

Best of all, included with this course is a printable PDF directory of all of the menu functions – cross referenced in alphabetical order! This alone will save you hours and hours of scrolling time as you set up your customized “My Menu” function.

I  know the a6100 intimately. So whether you own one or are thinking of purchasing one – why not dive deep into the powerful functionality of this amazing camera, and learn how to unleash the power of your Sony a6100. Click below for one-click purchasing.